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Vaccines can be given from 9 weeks old in kittens, from 6 weeks old in puppies and 12 weeks old in rabbits.
A booster vaccination is required every year.

Please ask our staff for details of specific vaccinations required in different pets.

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Warm Welcomes

At the end of last year Woodlands said a fond farewell to some members of staff; firstly, Jana headed back off home to Australia with her husband after spending 2 years with us, and shortly after, Steve also decided to leave and is currently embarking on a new venture. Then at the beginning off this year Sinead had an opportunity to travel and work abroad so she has also decided to experience pastures new. Although we were very sad to see them go, we have managed to replace them with some great new people who are already very much a part of the team.

Some of you may have already had the pleasure of meeting them, for those of you that still have that initial meeting to come see below for a little introduction to Anke and Rosie.

We have also been joined by Jo Manby whom we also congratulate on the news of her pregnancy and soon to join us in March is Leanne Hibberd.

Rosie Webb BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS

rosie webbHaving grown up in Plymouth, I graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in July 2011 after 5 years of blood, sweat and tears. During my time at vet school I fenced for the University of London and participated in all the usual vet school antics! When I could tear myself away from London, I enjoyed travelling and visited Thailand and India amongst other places. In India, I worked at a charity clinic looking after sick dogs, cows, camels and goats - a fantastic experience which made me realise how lucky we are to have such a high standard of veterinary care in this country.

Since graduating, I have managed to fit in a trip to South Africa, some voluntary work with the PDSA and I have acquired a very bouncy labradoodle puppy called Crumble. Having previously sworn to move away from the South West, I started working for Woodlands in October 2011 and am loving every minute of it!

Dr. Anke Hill, Dr. med. vet., MRCVS

anke hillI qualified from Munich University Vet School, Germany in 1995. I then worked for several years towards my PhD degree at the Institute for Zoology and Fishery at Munich Vet School.

During my 16 years of working as a vet, I have travelled extensively and spent 12 years in England and Scotland (Cotswolds, Aberdeen and Scottish Highlands, Rye, E. Sussex, Godalming, Surrey and Plymouth) as well as four and a half years in Germany, running my own small animal practice.

My main workload has always been small animal practice, exotics and wildlife, with some mixed practice work thrown in for 8 years. Highlights for me were being sole charge vet for 4 years for the RSPCA Wildlife Centre in Hastings- working with seals, oiled sea birds, birds of prey, bats, foxes and all sorts of wildlife.

Also working for 2 years on a once a month basis with the Howlett/ Port Lympne Zoo vet - treating gorillas, monkeys, tigers, lynx and all sorts of zoo animals. I have a particular interest in wildlife, zoo animals and exotics, animal behaviour, internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

I am happily married to Les, who is a paramedic at the Derriford Hospital Ambulance Service. We have 4 animals of our own: "Flamenco", a stunning Spanish stallion, with whom I do Classical High Dressage, like in the Spanish Riding School, and ride across Dartmoor. "Ruairi" our adorable Irish Wolfhound pup and "Selik" and "Jamal" our 2 gorgeous Snowshoe cats.

I love reading, travelling, culture and classical folk music, playing instruments and enjoy learning languages (Spanish currently).





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For out of hours veterinary attention or advice please ring

01752 700600

We provide a dedicated 24 hour emergency service and have nursing staff on duty in the hospital all night. We will try to see you in the surgery of your choice, but the vet on call may wish to see you in Plymouth where our nurses are also on call to assist you.